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Disease Treatment Tips:
This article covers some hints and tips that are helpful when medicating sick fish, such as hospital tanks, using salt, how to reduce stress, etc. [Updated Dec 30, 2000]

"Malawi Bloat":
A common killer of Cichlids, but easily avoided. Read and find out how to prevent your fish from contracting this deadly disease. [Updated Oct 11, 2001]

Why African Cichlids: Why is there such a craze about these freshwater fish? Color, temperment, size, hardiness? Read to learn why so many people are discovering that Cichlids are the fish. [Updated Apr 13, 2001]

The African Rift Lakes: This article covers general information about the three great rift lakes of Africa: Lakes Victoria, Malawi, and Tanganyika. Ever wonder what they look like or how many identified species inhabit their waters? [Updated Mar 05, 2001]

Mbuna Vs. Haps: Mbuna and Haps are two of the most common groups of Malawi Cichlids. They differ greatly in size, shape, coloration, dietary requirements, behavior, and housing requirements. Read to learn about these two groups and their differences. [Updated Mar 15, 2001]

The Peacocks of Lake Malawi: This article explores the marvelous genus Aulonocara and their care, discussing such issues as tank setup, breeding, feeding, and suitable tankmates. If you are contemplating an all-peacock aquarium, this is a "must-read." [Updated Sep 10, 2001]

Basic Anatomy of Cichlids: An interactive introduction to the anatomy of Cichlids using Macromedia Flash. You can still see the older version here. [Updated Oct 15, 2001]

Compatibility Issues: Not all African Cichlids are compatible with one another, whether it be because of differing dietary requirements, water conditions, or temperament. This article will help you to know which species will work with one another. [Updated Aug 06, 2001]

How Cichlids Get Named: I explain the process for naming African Cichlids, including a few intimate notes on the naming of a couple of species in particular, and give some insight into the pronunciation of these odd names.

Setting Up An African Rift Lake Aquarium: This is the article you've been waiting for! All the basics ... everything you will need to know from simple water chemistry to how big of a tank to get. [Updated Sep 07, 2001]

Water Movement In The Tank: This article discusses the importance of creating current in your aquarium with an explanation of how to make undergravel jets out of PVC.[Updated Jan 28, 2001]

Cycling An Aquarium: Here I discuss the important practice of cycling an aquarium before you put fish in it. What is "cycling an aquarium," anyway? Read and find out. [Updated Jan 28, 2001]

What and How Often to Feed Your African Cichlids: Some ideas on feeding Cichlids, with some thoughts on different kinds of food. In this article I have tried to cover some principles, theories, do's and don'ts about feeding African Cichlids. [Updated Aug 09, 2001]

Plumbing FAQ for Aquariums: Answers to any question you might dream of, with an extremely thorough explanation of how to plumb your aquarium. This article discusses sumps, overflow boxes, how use PVC, etc., etc. This is a great article to read if you are considering setting up a new tank. Netscape users click here. [Updated Oct 15, 2000]

Algae Control: In this article I discuss the reasons for algae outbreaks, ways to prevent them, and how to rid your tank of algae.[Updated Dec 13, 2000]

Purchasing, Transporting, And Acclimating Your Cichlids: Whether you are buying fish from your local fish store (LFS) or on the Internet, there are some rules you need to obey to reduce stress and increase their odds of a long life under your care.

Need Help Identifying Your Africans?: An introduction designed to help you know how to learn the name of an un-named African Cichlid. [Updated Jan 15, 2001]

Sexing Cichlids: A discussion of how one can determine the gender of an African Cichlid, with some photographs as examples. [Updated Apr 03, 2001]

Breeding Cichlids: Tips on getting fish to spawn, an explanation of breeding behavior (WITH PHOTOS), how to successfully strip the eggs from a holding female, and how to care for fry. [Updated Jul 30, 2001]

Care For Fry: So you have some new baby fry? Well, it's time to read up on their care. Here is the article you need to learn how to take care of those cute African Cichlid fry. [Updated Apr 23, 2001]

Tumbling Your Eggs: If you are ever caught with a female that has spit her eggs out before they hatched, you need to tumble them or they will succumb to fungus rot. This article explains what you need to do to start tumbling your eggs. [Updated Jul 30, 2001]

Plants 101: This article explores some of the basics about combining plants with Cichlids. Typically, plants and Africans don’t mix, but there are some species and tricks you can use to "beat the system."

What and How Often to Feed Your African Cichlids: Some ideas on feeding Cichlids, with some thoughts on different kinds of food. In this article I have tried to cover some principles, theories, do's and don'ts about feeding African Cichlids. [Updated Aug 09, 2001]

Cichlid Food Recipes: Here you’ll find a couple of recipes for making your own fish food, which is cheaper and more nutritious than that stuff you’d buy at the local fish store. [Updated Jul 25, 2001]

Live Foods: Live foods are an often employed natural alternative to flake food. This article explores some of the more popular options and how to raise them yourself.

Food For Fry: If given the proper diet, fry and young fish grow faster than if just fed on crushed flake. This article explores some of the tricks hobbyists and professionals use to "beef up" their fry. [Updated Jul 23, 2001]

Brine Shrimp: Newly-hatched brine shrimp are the food of choice for young fry. Hatching them and raising them can be tricky unless you know a couple of tricks. Read this article to learn more.

Daphnia: Daphnia, or cyclops, is another live food that is nutritious and that many Cichlids find tasty. This article discusses how to raise Daphnia.

My Rocks: In this article I have tried to answer all of the questions I frequently get about the rocks in my tanks. I talk about their formation, why I like them, and where you can purchase some like mine. [Updated Jan 28, 2001]

Photography: Advice on how to take clear, bright, and quality photographs of your fish. [Updated Mar 28, 2001]

Pseudotropheus saulosi: Pictures and a discussion of an odd happening with one of my females (or was it a male??). [Updated Apr 04, 2001]

Photos of My Fry: This really isn't an article, but I didn't know where else to put this. Here I've got pictures of my growout tanks, the fry, and their parents. [Updated Jul 28, 2001]

Oddities In My Tank: An ongoing list (with photos) of odd happenings in my tank. Some are mysteries, and others are...well, just plain strange. Check it out! [Updated Aug 13, 2001]

Working With Acrylic: A primer to teach you the basics of working with Plexiglas so you can start building sumps and small to medium-sized aquariums. [Updated Dec 17, 2000]

How To Build A Brine Shrimp Hatchery: Instead of buying frozen brine shrimp, why not raise your own? This article will show you how to build your own brine shrimp hatchery. [Updated Jul 26, 2001]

How To Build An Egg Tumbler: Cichlid eggs will rot if they are not tumbled. By building your own egg tumbler you can strip the eggs up to four weeks earlier and begin raising fry.

Building Sumps: Sumps are compartments either within or below a fish tank that allow you to increase the surface area of your tank. Here are some ideas for building your own. [Updated Sep 16, 2001]

Tank Stand Construction: Here are some designs for building your own sturdy, tank stand. Why pay crazy prices for something you can make yourself, and for a whole lot less? [Updated Jul 12, 2001]

Building A 140-Gallon Plywood Aquarium: This is something you are just going to have to read to believe. You can actually build a water-tight aquarium with wood on four sides, and glass for the front. [Updated Jul 11, 2001]

Aquascaping Alternatives: Do you like to get creative and cost-efficient with the way you design your Mbuna tank? Well then, this is the article for you. Here are some home-made ideas that you can try out.

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