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Picture archives for dozens of Lake Malawi Cichlids
Pictures and info for dozens of Lake Malawi Cichlids
Picture archives of Lake Victoria Cichlids
Lots of articles on keeping Cichlids
Links to other great cichlid sites
Photos, Articles, and lots of interesting info
You can read about my unique tank setup by clicking on the My Tank Link
You can read about my unique tank setup by clicking on the My Tank Link
Check out the Articles link to read up on raising Cichlids
Haplochromis Red Tail, Electric Yellow, Ps. acei
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This is a picture of my 135-gallon show tank, which has some 30 different species of African Cichlids, native to two of the great rift lakes of Africa--Victoria and Malawi. Take a look around and enjoy the pictures. I continue to update the pictures periodically. Take a look at my extensive Articles section, where I cover dozens of interesting and helpful topics relating to keeping African Cichlids. This section of my web site will continue to expand dramatically in the coming weeks.
I have recently added several articles, including Mbuna Vs. Haps and Water Movement In The Tank. I have also posted several new fish profiles on my Malawi page. You can find my pictures of Breeding Cichlids here.
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