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African Cichlids - Victorian & Malawi allows you to share your tank setup with other hobbyists. This permits others to see what you've engineered and also gives you an opportunity to brag about what you've perfected. Each month, the webmaster will award a tank profile from those submitted with the Tank of the Month Award. This tank will then be highlighted on this page for the next month.

In order to submit photos of your own aquarium, you will need to send 1-3 high quality pictures with a description of your tank. That includes the species of fish you keep, plants if any, and your method for filtering, plus anything else of interest. Once you have that ready, drop me an e-mail. Just be sure to attach your pictures to the e-mail. If you have more than one aquarium you'd like to submit, that's great. Just submit them separately and they will each receive their own page. 


Tank of the Month Award goes to Jeremy's 200-Gallon Tank.


October 2001: Jeremy's 200-Gallon Tank
September 2001: Görög's 130-Gallon Tank
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