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Excerpt from The Mosiah Hancock Journal
(Mosiah is son of Levi Hancock, brother of Solomon Hancock, our direct line.)

A bedstead was made out of tree limbs and posts so that mother might be as comfortable as possible while her baby was being born. My little brother, Francis Marion, was born on the 16th of April, 1838. We were truly glad that we were in a house, for a mob was howling outside swearing that they would kill ever man, woman, and child belonging to the Mormons. Mother was giving birth to Marion while this mob was in its fiendishness, like so many he-lions. There were two young girls with mother at the time of the advent. One of the girls was fourteen, the other only twelve. They drove my little sister and me under the bed; and we, hearing a noise quite strange, started to see what was the matter, but were soon shooed back under the bed by the young ladies. I inquired of my folks where they found the baby, and they said, "In a hollow tree!" I went out thru the woods as far as I dared go because the mob was still too close by to be appreciated by me, but I could not find anything like it in share or size!"